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Balos beach - Crete Tour and excursions

One of the best places in the world to visit is the Crete Island in Greece. It is endowed with beautiful sceneries like awesome beaches, historical sites, mountains and wonderful forests. This is a place you have to book for your summer vacation and get ready for some rejuvenating activities like swimming, walks, hikes, bike riding, exploring the Greek myths and history. The following are some of the best Crete tours you cannot afford to miss:


GoXplore Quad Safari

quad tours - ATV quad Safari in Crete

This is a whole basket of fun as you drive those quad bikes that can go on off-track roads making you enjoy every bit of the natural breeze of the island. You can choose to drive yourself or have a driver drive you around.

This ATV Quad safari has been voted as the best thing to do in Crete. The best excursion in their holidays on the island and they will 100% suggest to friends and family to attend.

The tour begins in the morning at the ancient villages of Crete such as KoutouloufariPiscopianoand old Hersonissos. From here, the wild terrain begins as you ride on the mountains and plateaus. As you head towards Lasithi plateau you get to take a look at the developed agriculture in the land as you taste the freshness of its fruits such as pears, apples, olives among others. 



From Crete to Santorini Island

It is described as an island-volcano embraced by the Aegean Sea, this island-phenomenon in the Cyclades gives its visitors a mythical experience. It has a unique kind of beauty with colored cliffs and wild volcano sculptures.

There are various things you could do in your tour to the island such as a walk to the volcano of Nea Kameni, which happens to be a small island and learn its mythical story of how it submerged over 9,500 years ago. You also can explore the churches built into caves and the old stairs used for mining excavations along the cliffs.

This luxurious destination is the place to be where you can relax on the sunbeds as you enjoy the cool breeze from the sea.


Knossos- Lasithi plateau

knossos palace visit

Here lies the history of the Greeks and their rule in the old times. Visit Knossos palace and have the opportunity to explore the rule of the Minoan kings. You will find a guide who takes you through the myth of the legendary labyrinth and the Minotaur (the half-human monster). 

From Knossos, head to the amazing Lasithi plateau. It is the largest plateau in Crete 850 km tall as you view the incredible White Mountains. Lasithi is located at about 25 km south of Malia. This plateau has agricultural richness with windmills to generate water for irrigation during summer.

The plateau has lots of places you can explore such as visiting the Psychro cave, a sacred Minoan cave which also happens to be the birthplace of Zeus, the Greek god. Then, you can proceed to the left where you get to see ‘Cradle of Zeus’ which according to the myths it is where Zeus was born.



Spinolanga Island + BBQ

This is an incredible place too to add to your list of the places you ought to visit. It remains uninhabited and this makes it unique and perfect for your touring. Barbeque lunch is available on the island. Then go refresh yourself in the sea waters.

Here you can take a trip around the one-time leper colony, which was an amenity for the ancient Greek leprosy patients. You will also get to see the 17thcentury Venetian fortress, which was as a result of the wars with the Ottomans and the Turks.

The island is made more interesting by the fact that you have to access it by a boat ride and this gives you the opportunity to view the beautiful turquoise waters as you cruise.


Chrissi Island

Chrissi Island

It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Libyan waters and also well known for its unique cedar forest, pure white sand dunes, golden shallow sandy beaches and the sea with beautiful tropical colors

Get to walk under the thick canopy of 200-300-year-old cedar as you breathe in fresh air and the cool breeze. You will sail to the island, where you stay for about 4.5 hours. Relax on the beach, or take a long walk along on the endless beach and marvel at the millions of colorful small shells.

A perfect hidden paradise that will remain engraved in your memory and an interesting excursion for couples as well as families. There are also some port ruins, a lighthouse and a Roman cemetery which are also attraction sites for history lovers.



Acqua Plus Water Park

acqua plus water park hersonissos crete

It is the most popular water park in Crete located next to Crete golf club. It has sections for both adults and kids and this makes it perfect spot for your entire family. It has a natural beauty of Cretan flowers and trees making the place heavenly. 

The advantage of this park is that it is on a hill, so you can look around and glimpse different corners of beauty and fun without getting tired. Top technical equipment, automated control systems, and water purification systems are currently in use. Acqua Plus is proud of its reputation for cleanliness, hospitality and most importantly, FUN.


Gramvousa Balos


It’s a beach located on the northwestern side of Crete, in the regional unit of Chania. This is one of the most interesting beaches, where you get to see beautiful birds as you swim in the Balos lagoon. 

You will also visit the Castle of Gramvousa, which was used as a base for the Venetian army as they were in the war of regaining Crete. There are over 100 bird species that you cannot resist to watch and among other fauna found are the leopard snake, Mediterranean monk seal, wild donkeys, sea turtles, etc.

Balos lagoon is under the Natura 2000 European initiative, and this means that it is well maintained and unpleasant activities that can jeopardize its safety cleanliness are prohibited. You can also go scuba diving in the waters among other activities around. Experience the great tours and an awesome experience with the deals offered such as the Cretan cuisines, playing and swimming on the beach.


Samaria Gorge

You can have an excursion on this Europe’s longest gorge. It is a national park and a world biosphere reserve due to the fact that it is endowed with beautiful physical features and the unique kri-kri goats. Hike along the rugged terrain of the Samaria Gorge cutting through a limestone plateau and at a length of 18 kilometers.

It is a days activity so you need to be really prepared to finish your trip in 8 hours and also be sure to carry comfortable shoes for the walk. The walk often ends at Ayia Rouméli, which happens to be a small coastal village. From here you can catch a ferry to add to the fun you already had to Loutró and Hóra Sfakion.

The beach has cool waters for swimming and sun loungers where you can relax delighting mouthwatering lunches and snacks while picnicking under the cool canopies. From the beach, there is an excellent view of the beach’s beautiful cliffs which you can also dive from!


ChaniaKournas Lake, and Rethymno

Chania city port

Chania is a city in the Island Crete, which comes second in size on the island and is the sixth biggest city in Greece having approximately 65.000 residents. Its Venetian walls and harbor, narrow streets, and old buildings are proof from the Venetian and Turkish period.

The Kournas Lake is a magnificent beauty where its waters are surrounded by hills. The lake was known as Korisia in antiquity and is nowadays a destination attracting thousands of visitors every year. The lake’s water levels rise during winter, with its sources coming from the adjacent mountains. It’s a safe haven, owing to the fact that protected by the Natura 2000 program.

Here, you can swim in the turquoise waters or take a walk around, even better just relax and enjoy the beach’s tranquility. A tour in another old Cretan city, Rethymnon, can be taken where you will relax and have the chance to see the old port. It was built during the Minoan civilization. 


Cretan Night- Go Crete

cretan night

This is an event in a mountain village about 15km away called Kato KarouzanosIt is usually an evening with lots of fun with the inclusion of around trip and a dinner, which is a Greek buffet dinner at the same time getting entertained by the folks here.

It is on this night that you get to see Cretan culture as they sing and dance and you may join them as well.  The live music, with its oriental elements, played on the lyre and lute, the precise steps of the dancers, the acrobatic movements of the men, the colorful costumes of the women and the austere national dress of the men.

There is a lot of history about the area to learn about as the locals narrate it to you, and this is much more interesting coming from the horse’s mouth than reading it in books.

By the end of this Crete tour, be sure to agree to have had one of the best holidays in your life as it has so much to offer.



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