One of the best places in the world to visit is the Crete Island in Greece. It is endowed with beautiful sceneries like awesome beaches, historical sites, mountains and wonderful forests. This is a place you have to book for your summer vacation and get ready for some rejuvenating activities like swimming, walks, hikes, bike riding, exploring the Greek myths and history. The following are some of the best Crete tours you cannot afford to miss: 10 MOST POPULAR CRETE TOURS AND EXCURSIONS GoXplore Quad

One of the frequently asked questions is things to do in Crete in October and also whether the weather is favorable for the same. Before venturing into these excursions and activities to engage in, it is good to know the kind of weather you will deal with at that time. The temperatures are slightly lower compared to the preceding months of summer, July, and August. They range between 20°C and can drop to 18 °C, this is still favorable for swimming. So, the weather is lukewarm and just perfect for the various activities in Crete. Crete

Could you be wondering where your next vacation will be? Have you thought of Crete Island in Greece? That is the place to be! The island is endowed with incredible sites and nature that is hard to forget. To begin with, there are amazing historical sites that are from the ancient Greece kingdom, a good taste of nature, the best waters for swimming, and beautiful beaches among other interesting places you can visit. With the very many places to visit in Crete, here are top suggestions of places

A collection of the most beautiful Cretan beaches to visit on your holidays. Crete Island is the largest in Greece. Stretching 1,046m (650 miles) long, it allows for countless beaches and it gets hard to choose a favorite as the exotic sands, both wild and calm waters, villas, hotels, excursions, flora, and fauna are all a natural beauty that makes up the coastline. Beach life, is an experience you will not regret and have to go on when you